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Recommended Documentaries

Sometimes the links for these documentaries go down, I will try to refresh them in that case. You can always try doing a search for them based off the title and add “documentary” to the search. I have already posted certain of these throughout my blog, I am just compiling them here for easy access. I will try to update these when new ones come to mind. Suggestions and criticisms will have full consideration and are appreciated.

**Disclaimer: I do not agree with everything in these documentaries or find them everything they say useful, but in each of them is contained information that the average person is not aware of, and are relevant to understanding the world we live in. I urge you to keep an open mind, look into the things you are learning and form your own opinion of whether you agree or disagree with what is expressed in these documentaries.**


Food Inc:

The Corporation:

No Logo:

The Great African Scandal:

The Century of the Self:

The Power of Nightmares;

The Money Masters:

Let’s Make Money:

Dirty Wars:


Human Resources:


Militainment: Militarism and Pop Culture:

Manufacturing Consent:

State of Mind:


Suspect Nation:

The Lightbulb Conspiracy:

Under Occupation — Toronto G20 Operation:

Blue Gold:

The Singularity is Near:

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