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Mission Statement and Contact Info



I am revising my mission statement, but I will keep the old one written below in case anyone is interested in how this blog has evolved. My new mission statement is to open a platform that provides access to information so that diverse individuals can learn, and ultimately I hope converse with one another about our lives and the world we live in. I do not claim to have the final understanding about this information or anything else, but as an individual I think all a person can do is to learn as much as possible, keep an open mind, and continue to develop your ideas in light of new information.

I do think that there are big issues which face diverse people and interfere with their happiness and their ability to make a  change in their lives for the better. We live in a highly complex world, and so much has compiled throughout history. In particular it is of interest to me to examine how our knowledge of the sciences, and in particular the social sciences, like psychology, but also the physical science, in creating new technologies, influences our lives.

I don’t think that the work I am doing is in any way new. It is a continuing study after the work of countless journalists, historians, philosophers, scientists and ordinary people, because each of our individual emotions and experiences are important to understanding the effects of the world we live in.

I am creating this blog as an invitation to everyone. As much as possible I will try to share the sources of my information, because I think it aids to a foundation of fact, though I do not believe it is possible to verify any fact except through our own experience, and even then we are immensely susceptible to tricks.

Why then do I go on with this task if I find in it an inescapable paradox? Because while I might agree that the capacity to human intelligence is inevitably limited, I do not see in that notion a justification to limit or stunt it further. Whatever absurdity and enigma the human condition has in store for us, if one seeks a meaning from this frail existence, it seems to me both rational and logical that we would seek that meaning in our best qualities and through an unstinting search for what we can know is good and not its opposite.


I’ve opened this blog in an attempt to provide access to diverse content which is wary of and ‘watches’ different institutions which hold power over individuals. The purpose of this blog is not to have the last word about what is taking place in any society. My hope is that by compiling diverse contents taking mainly from news platforms or other informational texts I will be able to enlarge the picture of unfair practices that are for the most part kept hidden from ordinary citizens.

If you have further information you can provide, in the form of links or preferably backed statistics, or else just ideas for further posts or personal statements you would like included on the blog, please send me an email I will try my best to fit it into the content. Thanks.

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