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The Truth through Philosophy

May 9, 2014

I have decided to give a short presentation that illuminates many of the same ideas I have been presenting in my blog not in my own words, but directly from scholarly works on philosophy, so you can see for yourself what was written.


desc bac mach tyrammy

descartes bac mach hob connection

conquest of nature


The next image shows Machiavelli’s theory presenting an analogy for channeling thoughts, perceptions and actions, “passions and emotions” it says in the text. I spoke about these in my previous posts about human herding.




The next two images are a continuation, so read the top of the second image for the completion of the thought at the end of the first.


many never rule

many never rulep2



The first book captured above was Reading Leo Strauss: Politics, Philosophy, Judaisim – by Steven B. Smith, published by University of Chicago Press

The second book captured above was Between Two Eternities: On the Tradition of Political Philosophy – by Gregory B. Smith. Gregory B Smith, he is a professor at Trinity College, he is a Strauss scholar and has also been published by University of Chicago Press.


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