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A Brief comment on Herding Humans and directions for study

April 23, 2014

I have recently been doing some research as I explained in my previous post and have stumbled on some key elements in global control that aren’t often talked about in “conspiracy” crowds.


First I want to say a few words about herding humanity, in its most simple sense. This is a topic that much more can be said about, but I will just give a few opening remarks. The main key techniques for physical herding are through architectural geography. When we pave roads or designate pathways, we are instinctively inclined to walk along them, rather than through the open environment. At other times we are explicitly told to stay off the grass or stay along the pathways. Even in forests it is frequent that signs will tell us not to veer from the pathways. This changes out cognitive understanding of the world, because we no longer see the earth as an open place ready for our creativity to sculpt and create the type of situation and environment that suits our lifestyles, instead when we follow the prepaved roads we end up on preconceived circuits that lead us towards designated destinations, where “proper” behaviour has already been designated, and so if we chose to act differently than the situation demanded we would be stigmatized, or thought insane, or irrelevant. If we lived in an entirely open landscape we would have the freedom to conceive for ourselves the type of lifestyle that would fit there. This is the same on an exaggerated scale for urban areas, where the sidewalk lies beside the road and often storefronts or residences, so that each area has its own designated behaviour, forward or backward movement, foot or vehicle, shopping, etc. It is the designation which cannot be changed that contributes to the closing of our minds toward different possibilities.

When there are rules put in place, for example, that we must stay with a group, in a “herd”, with a leader, a tour guide, for example, then we are shepherded. Think of gates and fences being like the fences in a ranch that keep cattle within their designated areas, and fences that enclose pathways as being like the fences that lead the cattle towards the slaughter. These are not new techniques.


Before I say a few words about a less recognized strain of influence, here are a few interesting, though slightly off-topic articles. There are two main articles, and then the studies that the articles are refering to. The Forbes and the New Scientist articles are the same topic, and then the Telegraph and the Talking Points Memo are the same topic, and beneath them are the studies linked:–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html#.U1d4Tlca0V5



Finally, integral to understanding the situation in the world is understanding thoroughly Capitalism and Socialism/Communism. This might seems a bit self-evident, but it is very important, not just in a critcial sense, but in the way advocates of either understand them as well. This knowledge should be tied to the knowledge of who benefits from the flow of capital. And finally we have to understand that the most prevalent form of economy is now a mixed economy, a capitalist-socialist synthesis. It is not either/or that is the problem.


Philosophy is very important to the plans of the elite, much more than is self evident. Plato is a good place to begin with reading from direct sources. He speaks explicitly in The Republic about elite control as well as techniques of control, and the rule of philosophers. Keep in mind also that in earlier points of history there was no real division between science and philosophy.


The newest strains of philosophy that are integral to understanding the world are through the following philosophers:






Carl Schmitt

Leo Strauss

Alexandre Kojeve

Georges Bataille

Michel Foucault

Max Horkheimer

Theodor Adorno

Jurgen Habermas


If you are not familiar with philosophy, I do not recommend trying to read their works directly. Obscurantism is very common in philosophy and has long been used to hide the true thoughts from the uninitiated. Trying to read these philosophies will be maddening. It is best to read studies put out about the works of these philosophers first.


Alexandre Kojeve, for example, was an important figure in constructing the European Union, as well as devising a number of economic strategies for the EU and the UN. He was also a supporter of the Soviet regime, and theorized much about a Universal Homogenous State, in other words a One World Government with a homogenous culture. Marx had also theorized about a world government as well as unions of the countries.


If you are interested I can give out some pointers on where to begin on studying those philosophers. Just doing some searches on the internet about them is always a good place to begin. In the work I am currently researching for, I will try to illuminate as much as possibile about these philosophers and their influences. I hope that some others who are keen on studying these topics find this useful as a jump off point, because I hope that this kind of knowledge can become more common in the future, as a proper awareness is the only way that humanity can move towards liberating themselves from coercion and control.


Other topics fit for study of the herding of Humans include Crowd Psychology, Group Dynamics, the work of Gustav Le Bon, Wilfred Trotter, Edward Alsworth Ross, Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, as well as new psychologists working in the fields of Crowd Psychology and Group Dynamics, Environmental Psychology, and Social Psychology.


I am pretty sure that security testing is done in the social sciences in the same way as takes place in security technologies, where breaches are staged to test for vulnerabilities. In other words, theory is used to construct possible vulnerabilities in social control mechanisms so that safeguards can be put in place, two steps ahead of anyone theorizing. Here is a wiki about formal security testing:


Here is a book about Public Relations where social theory that is anti-systemic is used to market ideas back to anti-establishment personalities:


Here are some more articles of interest for those into deep study:


Also a little P.S.

It seems as though the elites are currently intent on dragging much of the world into deeper wars, and this may be an attempt to escalate the situation into a larger war— in the Ukraine/Russia situation as well as with the War on Terror. The best thing to do is to not take any sides. I cannot say conclusively but I’m pretty sure that the US and Russia are actually on the same side, they are just playing opposite forces. Russia is in the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and is one of the few permanent members of the UN… The best questions to ask yourself are how does this effect the average person, not just abstract governmental bodies… defending a democracy is not about the name of any country, it is about the day to day lives and quality of living of the average person.

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