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March 25, 2014

I have not been keeping this blog up regularly. I am somewhat concerned about that, though it was never my purpose in creating it to update it regularly. I created it because I myself had recently come to learn about the things posted on this blog, although I did not do it right away. It made me feel stressed that so many of this type of information that I would find turned out to be false, so I thought that if I could compile a lot of what checked out to be true in one location, it would help other people who are concerned about these things to have access to at least a good deal of it without having to search far and wide only to run into a lot of dead ends.


I am currently doing research and compiling a much longer and more detailed and in depth work than what is provided so far on this blog. The plan of the work is not only to expose a lot of the type of things I am concerned with on this blog, but will also be genuinely concerned with what the average person, who can appear so powerless, can concretely do. I personally do not like the feeling of reading about all of these things only to feel helpless and like all I can do is watch the world be corrupted around me, and besides that have to step in line because my survival demands it (I mean conformity).


I think that the best thing we can do to begin making a change is strive to learn (not just about the types of things present on this blog, but more generally, if we want to accomplish something we can learn how best to do so) and cultivate our friendships and relationships with other people. I think it is important to share this type of information with other people, but also the other kinds of things we are capable of learning. If we educate each other then the process becomes much easier and faster.


I don’t think it is easy to truly know anyone, even to know oneself can be very difficult, but we have a much better chance of acheiving that with those we interact with on a daily basis.


I think there is something about modern society that makes it more difficult to share deep connections with other people. For one a lot of our interactions can be superficial, because they are mediated through institutions which have other priorities set for us (school, jobs, for example) or because we interact with others on mediums like facebook, which generally call for only short blurbs as well as having prearranged norms and conventions that dictate what is fashionable (depending on the types of groups or individuals we associate with) rather than what is true. Besides this a lot of the modern entertainment mediums promote very superficial images of life and people, as opposed to classical literature for example (which happened to be written by and for the elite classes)… which often, though not always, contained deeper examinations about society, the self and relationships…


For the reasons above I think it is important that we as individuals be honest foremost with ourselves if we cannot entirely be so with other people, but also when we engage with others we speak to them in depth. This process can be uncomfortable, particularly at first, and I think it would not be uncommon to find that many people do not desire a deep level of interaction. I think partly it is a result of our cultural conditioning, which is a huge shame. But it is my belief that these things, attaining knowledge about ourselves, the world and other people, and sharing our thoughts and our knowledge with others that we can move towards a better situation for ourselves in the world.


There are good reasons to be happy for institutional education, but there are also reasons to regret the situation that arises from it as well. That is why I call for people to educate themselves as much as they can to supplement what is left out of the classrooms… and that is also why I have attempted to compile some of the information I have found important, at least because of its absence from any mainstream curriculum and the dialogue and consciousness of many people today.


The research and work I am currently doing I think will take me a long time, and it is probably going to interfere with updating this blog regularly, but it is my hope that through it I can make a lot of important issues very immediate. For example (I write this to help others if they might be further interested in their own pursuits) I think that certain subjects have come to be unjustly denegrated in the general consciousness, for example philosophy and history. I think that philosophy as a practice is full of obscurantism, which is done purposely so that the ideas they express are sheilded from the average person, and history is made to appear inconsequential, with no bearing on our modern lives, which is false because there is a great amount of worth in knowing where we came from and how we have gotten here. Besides that I think that much history is hidden, just like some of the information on this blog might not have been immediately obvious to some reading it…


Those are a couple of things I would like to work towards remedying, but beyond that I am also striving to present a holistic view of knowledge and practice as it has developed today. What I mean by that is that I am doing research on many diverse fields of knowledge, in an attempt to show how they are integrally connected and relevant… because there is so much specialization in our knowledge… in university for example we pick a single subject and even then we often narrow our focus to an aspect of that field that we specialize in. I do think that it is helpful to work that way to a degree in a complex society, because there are so many different individuals working on their respective fields… but ultimately the information is combined… though generally that combination is done by and for powerful and interested parties who are then able to use the diverse knowledge in unison to create a widespread effect in society… it is for this reason that in the project I am working on I am attempting to bring together diverse information, to provide this kind of view as well as the capability to others. I feel like the average person should have the access to that kind of information and ability to have an effect on their personal life and the world around them.


I will by no means perfect that project (I mean that I will not be able to synthesize every field of knowledge, unfortunately), but I hope that I will create a worthwhile beginning so that the project can perhaps be continued by other brilliant minds… It is also for that reason that I make a call for others to educate themselves. It would be an amazing thought if in the future I could work with other concerned individuals so that we could bring different talents together so that they can be shared with others.


I hope that this helps to understand the purpose of this blog, as well as gives others some ideas of where we can begin to go from here.


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