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The West’s role in creating totalitarian regimes

February 10, 2014

An unfortunate fact of history is that western nations were involved in the rise to power of notable totalitarian regimes who were big players during this war and after in the cold war, namely Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia.

This is all documented in scholarly work which everyone should be made aware of. I think this is one of the biggest tragedies of our history, and I find it extremely disturbing how our perceptions about the Second World War are constantly being formed even still and our emotions played on through Hollywood films and veterans day, etc.

I particularly recommend sharing this information with those you know who are currently in school and learning a fake history about the Second World War, so that they can use these documents in their studies and work to expose a mass fraud which was one of the greatest tragedies of modern history.

Here are the sources

There are sources on how American bankers were involved in funding Hitler’s rise to power:

And it wasn’t only the American bankers:….html

There are sources on how bankers both in America and in Britain were involved in funding the Soviets:

The series Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, I don’t believe in available online but it is a scholarly work written by Anthony Sutton for the Hoover Foundation and is referenced by former Secretary of Defense Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book Between Two Ages [pg. 135]


The last work tragedy and hope is a very long work by Carroll Quigley, professor at Georgetown University, it is a very formidable work, but excerpts from it can be found on this page:


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