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The Issue of Bradley Manning

August 3, 2013

I would like my first post to take on the issue of Bradley Manning, a US soldier, recently convicted of many charges including breaches of the USA’s Espionage Act.

Looking back on the cause of Manning’s charges, leaks of the US’s covert activities in Iraq and the middle east. Manning revealed standard practices of torture being used in Iraq and systematically covered up by the US government.  He revealed how the US had covered up child abuse activities by a military contractor Dyncorp which included child trafficking. He revealed how Guatanamo held many innocent prisoners, who were given no trial. He revealed statistics which showed how at the time civilian casualties outnumbered those of military combatants in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was behind the leak of the infamous video which depicts American soldiers killing civilians and journalists from a helicopter. How the state department had backed opposition to a minimum wage law in Haiti…. and more.

Further details about these leaks can be found here:

After being seized and held by the US government on the first issuing of these charges (not their conviction), Manning was held in a “Marine corps base at Quantico in Virginia”. It has since come to light and been condemned by the UN that Manning was held under inhumane conditions and subjected to experiences of torture which included “being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day and being made to strip naked at night.”


Manning has since been convicted and sentenced to 136 years in jail because of his leaks. He was given 112 days off of his sentence due to his treatment at Quantico.




Through these actions the US has shown itself to breach human rights and practice torture and proved that it will prosecute to protect that fact.

About the UN convention against torture:




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